Reasons to Choose Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds were once the most desirable gem and used in every engagement ring. The sparkling jewel still has its allure, but not all consumers choose this stone first. People that have moved away from the diamond case at the jewellery store because they want something a little more eye-catching, may want to return and browse the collection of colored diamonds. There are many reasons why people may want a diamond that is not white.

Variety for Birthstone

The diamond is the birthstone for April, but people that want something a little flashier may have avoided birthstone jewellery if they were not partial to diamonds. Colored diamonds make it possible for them to have their lucky birthstone as well as their favorite color.

Unique Engagement Ring

Custom engagement rings have become a popular trend. Consumers want to wear something that is unique to them alone. A diamond in pink, yellow or other shade offers the variety people look for, while also allowing them to have a reliable and valuable ring. Using these types of diamonds guarantees a one-of-a-kind design because there are so many colors as well as different shades of each color.

More Valuable Gift

People that want the best may want to skip the sparking traditional diamonds and look for the rarest colors of diamonds. Red and blue diamonds are the most valuable because they are not as easy to find. The most valuable of these are the flawless gems in the darkest shades. It may seem as if colored diamonds are something new, but jewellery experts have adored the valuable gems for centuries. The most famous diamond in the world, the 45 carat Hope Diamond, is a blue diamond. It has $300 million valuation that has a lot to do with its famous past and size, but a standard one-carat blue diamond is currently worth about $200,000.

Anyone that wants a unique necklace, earrings or any other type of jewelry should consider diamonds and all the many colors available. Shoppers will discover that the range includes all primary colors and in an endless amount of shades for each color. Visit to see some examples of these gems or contact the jewellery store for more information.